Allergen-Safe School Environment

Peanut Safe Schools

We have several students who have anaphylaxis, a life-threatening allergy to peanuts and all types of nuts.  Children with this life-threatening allergy could go into Anaphylactic Shock; that is, they would get very sick, their throat would close up and they could stop breathing.  This can  happen very quickly.

These children have been taught all the rules about not sharing food, but they are young and we worry that they might forget or touch something with Nut residue that they cannot see.  If even the tiniest amount enters their body through eyes, nose or mouth, they can have a severe reaction.

We ask that you help keep our students safe by not sending food with peanuts/nuts or “may have come in contact with nuts” warnings on the labels.

Students who come to school with any of these products may be asked to eat in a separate room. We ask for your help and cooperation, knowing that many of us are “peanut lovers”.

Thank you for helping to keep these children’s world safe!