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Lunch Time

Lunch Time

Lunch Time

Eating lunch at school is a privilege, and students are expected to conduct themselves appropriately during this time. Students who are transported must eat lunch at school.

Students will not be permitted to leave the school grounds during the lunch period without written permission each time. Suspension of lunch privileges may be enforced for students who behave inappropriately.

Note: Students are not allowed to leave the school grounds to purchase lunch at the store and return to eat it on school premises. Thank you for supporting our efforts to maintain a safe environment for our students.

Pepperoni Pizza (Tuesday) and Cheese Pizza (Thursday) are available for purchase. We kindly request that students pre-pay for lunches to minimize classroom interruptions and ensure an accurate count. Payment is due twice a year (September and January), and information regarding this prepayment system will be sent home.

Additionally, we occasionally require temporary replacements for our noon-hour supervisors. If you are able to assist us in this capacity, please contact the main office and inform us of your availability.